Dr. Bob Rich

Dr. Bob Rich is an Aussie storyteller with more interests than you can shake a stick at. Having retired 5 times so far, he is still a writer, editor, and professional grandfather.  Everything he does, including his writing, is designed to save a future for young people, and a future worth surviving in. You’ll find lots of interest at his blog, Bobbing Around

J.R. McCrae / J.R. Poulter

J.R. McRae once worked in a circus, as a senior Rare-Books/ Reference Librarian, SLQ, as book-reviewer for Department of Education, Qld, as assessment package writer/editor for QSA and Associate Lecturer, English Expression, for international postgraduates, UQ, from which she holds a BA. 

Aside for her award winning YA novel, “Free Passage,” she has short stories & award winning poetry/haiku in numerous anthologies & journals, including Basics of Life [ALR Anthology], 100 Stories for Queensland, Stories for Sendai, The Spirit of Poe, Tribute to the Stars, Trust and Treachery, Twainish, Wired Ruby and Rose & Thorn, Quadrant, Long and Winding Road, Bound by the Secrets We Hide, Antipodes, Social Alternatives, Speed Poets and Divan.  Her artwork & photography features on covers of Ripples, ABC Pool, The Mozzie and Vine Leaves.

As the award winning children’s writer, J.R. Poulter, she has 30+ books for children & education published and 20+ digital picture books.  

Find more about J.R. Poulter at her website.

Other works of interest

Dreamwrite Publishing

DreamWrite Publishing Ltd.

Live your dream – Write your story.  We can help publish it.  

Outback Magazine

R.M.Williams OUTBACK is a bi-monthly magazine that captures the essence of remote Australia and, by showcasing it in a positive way, brings alive a world that is unknown to many people.

Essentially, OUTBACK is about life beyond the city – anywhere that is remote, different, challenging and non-urban. It is in south-west Tasmania, the High Country of Victoria, and along the Great Divide in New South Wales, just as much as it is in central Australia.

The subjects we showcase are as diverse as the outback itself: station owners, ringers, stockmen, travel and hospitality-industry operators, pilots, doctors, miners, teachers and fishermen … anyone who has a close involvement with the outback.

Throughout more than 120 issues, OUTBACK has stayed true to a central task – telling the stories of the bush and focusing on the positives that can be found and shared in that storytelling. This was what drove RM Williams when he set up his first publishing company back in the 1940s. We are proud to continue this legacy, and to chronicle the bush – a place where hardship and sorrow are all too often present, but where joy and inspiration are always to be found somewhere. This is what we look for when our contributors travel the country. This is what motivates us. We believe that in telling such stories we help to inspire others who might not know of the variety and strength of the people who live beyond their horizons.

To paraphrase RM, these are the men and women and places from whom something of worth has shone. He said that this indefinable something had no better name in our language than ‘spirit’. We work to share that spirit – to share the strength, humility, clarity and beauty that make the Australian bush and its people unique and remarkable.