Aussie Anecdotes

Aussie Anecdotes cover

Have you ever thought to yourself that Australia’s history is slipping away?

After listening to a good yarn or having read some historically noteworthy passage or having followed a particular debate—you may think that you’d always remember it—but you didn’t!

And don’t you wish you’d recorded those stories, so that in your hassle-free times you could reminisce and again experience their inherent interest, emotion or challenge? 

Here then is a faithfully reproduced anthology of quintessential Australian short stories, not just for those in their second childhood, but for young readers to gain a feel of an older Australia, and to also enjoy.

This collection of works from seventeen contributors intentionally incorporates diverse (even controversial) topics.  Some of these stories are undeniably true.  Others are worthy of more research—still others are fiction, which can express human truths better than nonfiction.   

No matter how improbable, fanciful or quirky the reader may consider some of these stories, imagination is, after all, fun, boundless and deserves to be shared.

Aussie Anecdotes a new short story collection from Trevor Tucker, arrives mid-February 2019!

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